A Framework Towards Net Zero Energy and Water for Commercial Buildings

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2020



Energy consumption has strikingly expanded in the built environment as a result of several factors including but not limited to population evolution,extended durations in the built environment, augmented use of building services and finally indoor environmental quality (IEQ), all of which arecontributing to climate change. Building energy use currently accounts for over 40% of total primary energy consumption, with a higher percentage in theMiddle East considering the traditional accustomed indoor comfort. The substantial building energy consumption sources are namely HVAC systemsalong with Domestic Hot water (DHW), domestic appliances and lighting fixtures. The energy consumption due to HVAC is major, about 50% of theentire building energy consumption on one hand and about 10% of the overall energy consumption. HVAC is regarded as a substantial prospective forEnergy conservation. Based on water consumption information from the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), EnergyInformation Administration (EIA) approximates the daily consumption of a typical commercial building to be up to 22,000 gallons.The dire consequences due to energy expenditure and carbon footprint are alarming and must be immediately resolved with energy efficient methods. Theneed to develop HVAC technologies and practices that decrease building energy consumption while particularly sustaining Indoor environmental quality(IEQ) is essential, considering that ventilation rates and IEQ conditions impact the health, well being and performance and any variation in IEQ can beintolerable. Designers need to commit to a decrease to the total water consumption and wastewater discharge and to an increase of alternative water sourcesand return of water to original source. The purpose of this work is to investigate a framework towards net zero Energy and water for commercialbuildings.

Citation: 4th Intl Conf: Efficient Bldg Design

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