Comparing the Performance of Optimization Methods Used for Building Design and Optimal Control of Building Systems

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2020



This study compares the performance of three different optimization methods both used for the design of building enclosures and for optimal control of building systems with respect to energy use and air distribution. Tested methods include a recently developed algorithm called Equilibrium Optimizer (EO), Genetic Algorithm (GA), and LSHADE-SPACMA. EO and LSHADE-SPACMA showed similar behavior and performance in solving two case study building energy performance problems and both were superior to GA. In the optimal control problem, EO and LSHADE-SPACMA discovered near optimal schedules that were 8.3 % and 9.6 % more energy-efficient than GA, respectively. In the design problem, all methods reached a similar optimal design. Overall, EO and LSHADE-SPACMA showed higher performance and faster convergence toward the optimal solution than GA.

Citation: ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Bldg Simulation Conf, Sept 2020

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