False Ceiling Acoustic Requirements Evaluation Models Assessment

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2020



False ceiling sound insulation performance is crucial for many applications. these applications are usually spaces with low MEP background noise requirements and have multiple noise generating equipment installed above its false ceiling. equipment relocation to other spaces is not always feasible due to design constrains. This paper determines the degree of accuracy of several empirical equations present in the literature, to predict the required sound insulation performance of structures. these equations use input of sound data of sources and the targeted noise levels inside the space. the evaluation of its degree of accuracy is based on a case study in which it is required to predict the required characteristics of the false ceiling in terms of area density (kg/m2), to achieve the required sound insulation performance for the ceiling. The case study adopted in the assessment compromise of 3 fan coil units (FCUs) installed above the false ceiling of an office. the resultant noise level in the office is 40 dba. due to the relative low background noise in the surrounding spaces, the noise levels inside this space are deemed high, as such an urge of having it lowered to 35 dba is analyzed. the proposed analysis is based on FCUs data sheets, site measurements data and the datasheet for an existing false ceiling. The resultant acoustic requirements for each empirical equation are compared and one requirement is chosen to be implemented on site. after which, site measurements are taken for the resultant noise levels. these measurements are proven to concede with the estimated noise reduction for the proposed equation solution by 7 db. hence, the proposed equation validated to provide accurate predictions of acoustic ceiling acoustic requirements. accordingly, this work gives guidance for designers to avoid an over or under specifying of false ceiling acoustic requirements.

Citation: 4th Intl Conf: Efficient Bldg Design

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