Liquid Dessicant Dehumidification System for Indoor Pools Using a Novel Membrane Heat and Mass Exchanger

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2020



In swimming pools the proper control of the indoor thermal conditions and moisture levels is of great importance for the user’s comfort and for sanitary reasons. Thus both dehumidification and proper supply of fresh air flow are the key towards a healthy pool environment. High humidity levels are usually handled through a high air renewal rate leading to a significant heating load. Vapor compression dehumidifiers can also be employed however this process consumes excessive electricity. Liquid desiccant dehumidification has shown great importance in applications where humidity control is essential and penalizing for conventional systems. In this paper, we study the implementation of a novel liquid desiccant membrane based heat and mass exchanger in an indoor pool to capture the moisture. The regeneration of the desiccant is done through solar energy. The entire system is then modeled and the energy performance is evaluated for seasonally operating conditions comparing its potential savings to those of the conventional systems.

Citation: 4th Intl Conf: Efficient Bldg Design

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