Seminar 15 — Legionella: Standard 188, Guideline 12 and Other Guidelines

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2020



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Resilient buildings need to ensure their water systems such as Hot Water system, Cooling towers, Fountains, Spas, etc. are not the cause of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks such as the ones that occurred in NYC and too many other municipalities in the past years. ASHRAE Standard 188 addresses the management of building water systems to minimize the risk of building-associated Legionnaires’ disease. ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000 is being updated to provide specific approaches on how to manage water systems. We will discuss how these documents will help engineers, building owners and managers ensure they can work towards having safe water systems.

  • 1. History of Standard 188, Guideline 12 and Other Guidelines
    William Pearson II, Member, BPEARSON Consulting LLC, Leland, NC
  • 2. ASHRAE Guideline 12 and the Facts about Legionella Growth in Building Water Systems
    Janet Stout, Ph.D., Associate Member, Special Pathogens Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 3. Guideline 12 Is a Tool Designed to Support the Preparation of a Water Management Plan Using ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188
    Patrick Racine, P.Eng., Member, Klenzoid Canada – a DuBois Company, GUELPH, ON, Canada

Citation: ASHRAE 2020 Virtual Seminar

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