Seminar 60 — Modeling and Optimization of Sustainable Communities

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Conference Proceeding by ASHRAE, 2020



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There has been significant research over the last decades on energy efficiency, demand response, and energy modeling. However, much of this effort has been done at the individual building level with less research at the community or university campus level. University campuses are the place where the next generation of engineers and professionals are being trained. Net-zero energy communities (NZEC) also represent unique challenges. This seminar will present: a) Modelica modeling efforts for net zero energy communities and b) co-simulation environment with the capability to perform building energy modeling, renewable energy analysis, and demand and/or consumption optimization for university campuses. 

  • 1. Whole Campus Energy Modeling for Research and Teaching Purposes
    Paulo Cesar Tabares Velasco, Ph.D., Associate Member, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
  • 2. Co-Simulation Environments for Integrated Energy Modeling, Demand and Resource Optimization
    Mohammad Hassan Fathollahzadeh, Student Member, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
  • 3. Modeling a Real-World Net Zero Energy Community
    Wangda Zuo, Ph.D., Member, Colorado University at Boulder, Boulder, CO

Citation: ASHRAE 2020 Virtual Seminar

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